Brahma Temple (Pushkar, Rajasthan)

Located close to the sacred lake of Pushkar (Rajasthan), Jagatpita Brahma Mandir or Brahma Temple is one of the few existing temples of Hindu creator-god Brahma.

On Kartik Purnima, the temple authority organizes a festival for Brahma, and many pilgrims visit the temple after bathing in the sacred lake of Pushkar. The temple is described to have been built by sage Vishwamitra after Brahma’s yajna (ritual).

There is a myth that Lord Brahma himself chose the location for his temple. The 8th century Hindu philosopher Adi Shankara renovated this temple. The current medieval structure dates back to Maharaja Jawat Raj of Ratlam who made additions and repairs and retained the original temple design.

International Business Times has identified Pushkar Lake and the Brahma temple as one of the ten most religious places in the world and one of the five sacred pilgrimage places for the Hindus, in India.

Architecture of the Brahma Temple

Structurally, the temple is made of marble and stone slabs. It has a red pinnacle (Shikara) and a hamsa bird motif. The shikara is about 70 feet (21 m) in height.

The hamsa motif decorates the main entry gate. The archway entrance gates, decorated with canopies, leads to a pillared outdoor hall (Mandapa) and the sanctum sanctorum (Garbhagriha).The temple has image of four-headed Brahma and his consort Gayatri (Goddess of Milk).

There is a silver turtle in the mandap, which is displayed on the floor of the temple facing the Garbhagriha that is also built in marble.

Visiting Hours

• No entry fee is needed to visit the Math.
• 06:30 am to 08:30 pm (winters)
• 06:00 am to 09:00 pm (summers)
• Sandhya Aarti(40 minutes after sunset)
• Ratri Shayan Aarti (5 hours after sunset)
• Mangala Aarti (2 hours before sunrise)

Code of Conduct for Visitors

• October and February are as the best months to visit Pushkar as there is hot environment during summers.
• During Kartik Purnima, around November, a lot of tourists come to visit the temple and hence it is also considered the best time to do the same.
• There are numerous temples and lakes in Pushkar that you would love to check out.

How to reach the Temple?

By Air: Pushkar does not have an airfield of its own. Sanganer airport in Jaipur city is 142 km away from Pushkar, which can be covered by via bus or hired taxi.

By Rail: Pushkar does not have a railway station. However, Ajmer railway station is only 15 km away from Pushkar. Amjer railway station operates regular trains from the major cities of Rajasthan and India.

By Road: Pushkar has a good network of roads connected to Delhi, Jaipur, Jodhpur and Bikaner.

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