Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and Meditation

India is the birthplace of yoga and meditation; the spiritual remedies to cure physical and mental illness. The mentions of Yoga and meditation can be traced back to the time of sages from ancient times.

Presently, the teachers and centers for yoga are available in entire India as well as other countries. There are specific courses which you can learn to become a trainer. You only have to enroll in temples, meditation centre, monasteries, or Ashrams with the spiritual goals.

Both, yoga and meditation, work as healing processes with which we can connect with the divine forces, and here is how they can help your heal the physical and mental pain.


Yoga is a Sanskrit word, which means unite. It helps the practitioner to unite with his/her soul with the divine energy. The aim of Yoga is to raise our self awareness with physical, mental, and spiritual exercises.

Everyone, who performs these activities with complete dedication and devotion, can reach the higher level of spirituality.

Forms of Yoga

1. Hatha Yoga – This form of Yoga is based on the physical postures which we call Asanas. It helps us stretch and then relax the muscular system to heal all physical distresses. It is only the first step in the entire process because it commences our energies for tougher stages.

2. Rajyoga – It is all about physical and moral discipline which includes renunciation of bodily pleasures and greed.

3. Bhakti Yoga – Bhakti yoga is about dedication and devotion where you devote your life to your teacher. You are supposed to follow all the guidelines since you have to keep faith in your spiritual teacher.

4. Gyana Yoga – It is the last stage of yoga where you become one with the creator and learn about the deep Hindu philosophies.


Meditation is the next stage after Hatha Yoga after our bodily energies are awake after the stretching. Meditation is an essential part or teaching of both Hindu and Buddhism.

In both these religions, meditation is the process to understand our mind and self. The final step of meditation according to Hindu beliefs helps people attain Moksha or Salvation.

According to the Buddhist philosophies, it helps people reach the enlightenment stage where he gets the knowledge about universe and its formation.

Forms of Meditation

1. Vipassana Meditation – Buddha originally taught this form of meditation to his followers. It helps the practitioner learn about his/her physical sensations along with the working of brain. The entire course lasts for 10 days with strict routine. The day starts at 4 A.M. and people have to meditate for 10 hours without solid food and any conversation with anyone. There are 75 centers for Vipassana Meditation across India.

2. Tibetan Buddhist Meditation – The method of meditation followed by Tibetan followers; is widely known as Tibetan Buddhist Meditation. There are four different schools for this form of meditation which has numerous meditation techniques including the Viapssana. Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh is the major center in India including Darjeeling and Karnataka.


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